12 Symptoms of Porn Addiction Withdrawal

If you are struggling with porn addiction, and wish to discontinue use altogether, withdrawal symptoms from porn are real and may prove challenging to handle when trying to quit. While addiction treatment programs exist to assist users through withdrawal processes, […]

Low-Income Addiction Treatment Options

Addiction recovery centres and inpatient rehab facilities can be very costly, and not accessible to those without the financial means or support for treatment. Any addict seeking treatment services and looking to overcome addiction should have access to the help […]

Legalized Weed: Are Impaired Driving Laws Keeping Up?

In Canada, marijuana has officially been legalized for adult recreational use for just over one year at the federal level. Meanwhile, in the United States, weed has been legalized for adult recreational use in 11 states, as well as the […]

Understanding Khat: Effects, Risks, and Treatment Options for Chronic Use

Khat (also known as qat/kat) is a leafy green plant that originates from East Africa, the Arabian Peninsula or the Middle East. Khat is at its most potent when it’s freshly cut, and as such, is often chewed like tobacco. […]

Life After Inpatient Addiction Rehab

Addiction treatment looks different for each individual, and inpatient addiction treatment can be a helpful first step toward sobriety. Inpatient addiction treatment offers a highly structured environment, establishing a daily routine of self-care with a strict abstinence policy, which allows […]

Ketamine Addiction, Detox and Withdrawal

Official name: ketamine Trade names: Ketalar; Ketanest; Ketaset Street name: Special K; K; ket; vitamin K; cat tranquilizer Classification: Dissociative anesthetic; analgesic; NMDA receptor antagonist Ketamine, or Special K as it is sometimes referred to on the street, is a […]

Is Wine Mom Culture Real, And Is It a Problem?

Women have been drinking in increasing numbers over the past few decades, oftentimes using motherhood as the excuse. When looking at the media you can see why drinking has been on the rise among women, as much of the advertising […]

First Response: Keeping an Overdose Victim Alive Until Help Arrives

With substance use and addiction at epidemic levels and the opioid crisis a hot topic of debate, one of the greatest fears held by family members of drug users is that their loved one will be the next overdose death. […]

Naloxone: Is It Really a Wonder Drug?

For many New Jersey residents, June 18 was a historic day. Samantha Newton appreciated its importance. She left the house early that morning to line up for a one-time freebie. She had to do this because supplies might run out. […]

Understanding Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone (most commonly known by its brand name Vicodin), is in a class of drugs called narcotic analgesics. Hydrocodone is prescribed as a painkiller that can be effective in treating mild-severe pain. However, it can also be habit-forming and extremely […]

The Forgotten Victims of War: How Veterans with Addiction Fall Through the Cracks

It’s no secret that war and military service take a significant toll on veterans across the world. Canadian veterans are, of course, included in this group. From post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to major depression and other psychological conditions, many soldiers […]

Undertanding Hypnotics Addictions

Sedative, Hypnotic or Anxiolytic (SHA) drugs all fall under the same category. There are over 40 different drugs that are classified as either sedatives, hypnotics or anxiolytics. Each of these substances comes with its own potential for abuse or misuse, […]

How to Support an Addicted Loved One Without Enabling Them?

Watching her spouse battle his substance abuse disorder, including both drug and alcohol addiction, was extremely painful for Margaret, especially when he suffered through his failed treatment programs. Every time he entered a rehab centre, Margaret and her family members […]

Addicted to Illness: The Menace of Hypochondria

“I saw that when I pondered my head, it hurt. Yet, when I disregarded my head, it didn’t hurt. I chose not to Google ‘benzodiazepine withdrawal indications’. I ought to have known not to dump my concerns into an internet […]

How Substance Abuse Affects Family and Friends of People Struggling with Addiction

Although addiction may feel extremely lonely, you’re not the only one battling through the storm. When a person with a substance abuse problem uses drugs or alcohol, their behaviours can affect every single person in their circle who cares about […]

Children of Alcoholics: The Hidden Toll of Alcoholism on Kids

With over ten years of expertise in addiction, I have witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of alcoholism on individuals and families. One particularly devastating consequence occurs when a father’s drinking affects his children’s well-being, development, and future relationships. In this post, […]

Inpatient vs Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

Substance abuse disorders usually fall under one of two categories: inpatient or outpatient. Both treatments are equally important but each has its own advantages and drawbacks. Inpatient programs (also known as residential treatment centres or programs) are intensive and designed […]

Proven Alcohol Intervention Approaches

Alcohol Intervention Millions of people around the world are affected by alcoholism. Although alcoholism can be treated and prevented, it still causes significant harm to individuals, families, communities, and entire communities. It can be difficult to bear the pain and turmoil of […]

How Do I Choose the Right Rehab?

For some, who make a pledge to look for help with drug misuse and habit issues, finding an appropriate recovery office is a key part when choosing to get calm. Going to a medication recovery program cannot just assist the […]

How to Get Help for Addictions If You Can’t Afford Rehab

The decision to seek help to combat your substance abuse can be a very personal, difficult one to make. Once that decision is made, it can be very tempting to back out, especially when the actual process of getting into […]

How Teachers Can Help Kids Who Do Not Have Parental Support

Addiction Among Youth and Their Families – An Ongoing Concern Raising awareness about addiction through media campaigns has increased understanding and saved lives.  Society learned the impact of driving while intoxicated, and the stigma associated with that behaviour resulted in […]

Wait Time Challenges: How to Cope While You Wait for A Rehab Spot

When an addict is ready to take a step towards recovery, it is important that they act fast, as that thought can be changed very quickly. Most addicts have to struggle for a long time before accepting that they need […]

The Hippie Era: How 60s Drugs Use Shaped Modern Trends

The hipster period during the 60s was when youthful grown-ups were dissenting – well – essentially everything. They needed to be free spirits and to have the option to manufacture their reality with their own standards. The regular lifestyle was […]

What Does “Holistic Approach” Mean When It Comes to Addiction Treatment?

Just as addiction itself can be unique from one person to the next, treatment too can differ. There is no “one size fits all” approach to treatment; some techniques work well for some people, and other techniques work better for […]

How Bullying Can Lead to Addiction

For individuals experiencing childhood in the present society, it may very well be practically difficult to not be in some way, or another associated with harassment. Possibly you are the person in question, the domineering jerk or a blameless observer. […]

Help for Those Supporting an Addicted Loved One

At a point when a friend or family member is battling an addiction, it can feel like you are watching them suffocate. You’re making a decent attempt to help them and you start to feel as though you’re suffocating as […]

A Natural High: Healthy Ways to Boost Dopamine

What Is Dopamine? Dopamine is a chemical neurotransmitter in our brains that sends messages of pleasure to the brain when we are engaging in enjoyable activities or behaviour. Dopamine is even present in our bodies when we do things that […]

Group Therapy as an Addiction Treatment Tool

Substance abuse recovery is a difficult process to go through, and the last thing you should be expected to do is to go through it alone. A sense of community and belonging is an important part of the recovery process […]

How Does Grief and Loss Factor into Addictions Therapy?

Letting go of an addiction can put you on the road to a new healthier life, but even with all the great benefits of clean living comes feelings of sadness and loss for the life you had before. Sober living […]

Understanding Gambling Addiction

Gambling can go from a fun, harmless diversion to an unhealthy obsession extremely quickly, with very serious consequences. Maybe you’re betting on sports, or maybe you buy lotto tickets or scratch cards. Maybe you’re gambling in a casino or maybe […]

Getting Through the Holiday Season as A Recovering Addict

The holiday season can be upsetting for basically anyone.  There is in every case an excessive amount to do and insufficient time.  For those managing substance misuse issues, the Christmas season can be doubly troublesome as gatherings begin to appear […]

The Short-Term and Long-Term Challenges of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders

The Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure When a lady finds that she is pregnant, she starts to get ready for the introduction of her kid. This incorporates guaranteeing that the child will be cheerful and sound. Some portion of this […]

What is the Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a synthetically produced opioid drug that is prescribed as a painkiller. It can be safely administered by healthcare professionals to patients who are experiencing constant severe pain and is often used to treat terminal cancer patients. Prescribed fentanyl […]

Fixing Relationships: An Essential Part of Addiction Recovery

The initial seven stages in any 12-venture uphold gathering and program are about the fiend. They have endeavoured to conquer difficult withdrawal manifestations and to get directly with the truth of their compulsion, with God, and with themselves. Recuperation isn’t […]

Family Therapy

You often hurt the ones you love the most, especially in addiction. Yet most treatment plans only focus on individual therapy. Let’s take a closer look at the options available to heal your mind after you heal your body. Making […]

Eszopiclone: An Introduction

Eszopiclone is a non-benzodiazepine hypnotic medication sold under the brand name Lunesta among others that are used to combat sleeping disorders like insomnia and chronic insomnia by slowing down the central nervous system by reducing heart rate and lowering blood […]

Exercise Addiction: When a Good Thing Turns Bad

Standard exercise joined with smart dieting and sufficient rest can be a gainful piece of day-by-day life. Having an activity routine can help with weight reduction, increment energy levels, lessen the danger of constant infections, and just assist people with […]

Exploring The Connection Between ADHD and Addiction

Scott’s life didn’t really start to twist wild until he, at last, began to seek balance. He had been dependent on sexual entertainment for the majority of 10 years. He at long last admitted to his prospective lady of the […]

Diazepam Drug Uses

You may have been prescribed diazepam in order to relieve anxiety, prevent seizures or manage muscle spasms. Benzodiazepines like Valium can also be issued to treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms, anxiety disorders or sleep problems. With diazepam being one of the […]

Drug Testing and Mandatory Treatment for Welfare Recipients

Chronic drug use is one of those subjects that individuals are not open to discussing. Society regards liquor and medication clients and addicts as languid, flighty individuals who settle on helpless decisions and therefore deserve the bad things that happen […]

Dialectical vs Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Effective Addiction Treatments Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a short-term, goal-oriented approach where the strategy is to change the pattern of thinking, thereby changing the way an individual feel. This hopefully results in changes to the individual’s behaviour. Dialectical Behavioural […]

Crystal Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine is a highly powerful, very addictive Schedule II stimulant substance that affects the central nervous system (CNS). Crystal methamphetamine (known as crystal meth, crank, chalk or ice) is a form of the drug that has a glass-rock type of […]

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy? Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy that teaches patients to change their thought patterns and the way they react to situations or stress to establish healthier behaviour and a more positive lifestyle. […]

Common Addiction Myths That Are Hurting People with Addictions

Alcohol and drug addiction is a cultural issue that has broad effects on a person’s well-being, relationships and on his/her ability to make meaningful contributions to their family and community. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) gauges that […]


Codeine is a prescription narcotic painkiller medication that is used for moderate pain relief. Codeine can also be found (in small amounts) in some cough medicines. Although this doctor-prescribed medication is given as a painkiller with a specific dose and […]

Chronic Pain Treatment for People Addicted to Painkillers

Many individuals today experience the ill effects of extreme agony, meaning they are experiencing pain on a regular basis. Some endure daily, while others may have different conditions, such as nerve pain, that flare up depending on the person’s stress […]

Clonazepam/Klonopin Addiction Symptoms, Withdrawal and Recovery

Clonazepam, commonly marketed as Klonopin, is a prescription medication in the benzodiazepine family. Classed as central nervous system depressants, these drugs work by augmenting the sedating actions of the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). This suppresses the activity in the central […]

Chronic Pain and Opioid Addiction

A recovery journey has to start somewhere, and the story of course starts with an addiction. But even an addiction has an origin story too – an explanation of how the addiction came to be. One consistent theme in the […]

Childhood Trauma and Addiction

The scars from childhood injury can endure forever, and lamentably, frequently lead to habit issues. At the point when somebody is dependent upon injury as a kid, they frequently have uncertain enthusiastic scars that they avoid themselves and the world.  […]

Celebrating Sobriety Milestones

If you had given up drugs or alcohol at the same time last year, then very soon you will be completing your first year of being sober. No matter what struggles you’ve been through and how hard the road to […]

Caregiver Stress and Burnout

How Caring for a Loved One Can Put a Caregiver at Risk for Addiction Caring for a relative is one of the most generous jobs anybody can take. Out of affection, empathy, and mindfulness, the guardian puts the requirements of […]

What is Cannabis Poisoning and Why is it on the Rise?

Tommy Rosen is considered to be the founder of the Recovery 2.0 Protocol. He once said “It’s intoxicating at the beginning of the relationship,” referring to his former love affair with weed. Now 26 years weed-free, he started this mission […]

Adrenaline Junkie: Can One Be Addicted to Adrenaline?

Picture this: you are 10,000 feet up in a plane with a skydiving teacher on your back and a parachute that you are trusting will open. Your pulse is high as can be, your knees are shaking, and your eyes […]

Can Addiction Be Seasonal?

The Impact of Seasonal Affective Disorder Depression is a genuine psychological issue that influences a huge number of individuals worldwide.  There are a few types of gloom, each with its own extraordinary indications and symptomatic models. One of these is […]

Borderline Personality Disorder

At the point when Jack Bingham was 14, he was unable to go out in light of the fact that he thought the indoor air was tainted at head level. So he strolled right to the washroom. More awful, he […]

Black Men: Suffering Mental Illness in Silence

Addiction is a plague that doesn’t separate between rich and poor, highly contrasting, or male and female. Everything people can capitulate to a similar destiny given conditions and presentation to sedate use and liquor utilization. What can vary are the […]

Barbiturate Addiction in Canada

It is common practice to make judgements on the use of prescription drugs. Some believe they are a fundamental part of the healthcare system. Others believe they are a drug like any other and a risk to our health. The […]


Benzo Addiction Treatment, Detox and Withdrawal Symptoms Benzodiazepines, or benzos as they are sometimes called, are sedatives that are commonly prescribed by doctors for several purposes, including the following: The treatment of insomnia and sleep disorders The treatment of generalized […]


Ativan (also known by the generic name “lorazepam”) is an anti-anxiety medication that belongs to the class of drugs known as benzodiazepines. Doctors can prescribe benzodiazepines for a variety of different reasons, most commonly to treat anxiety disorders, sleep problems […]

Art Therapy as an Addiction Treatment Tool

What is Art Therapy? Art therapy is a treatment tool where the patients express themselves and work through difficult emotions through their own creative process. This type of therapy is not necessarily to hone artistic skills, but about self-expression when […]

Animal Assisted Addiction Therapy

The use of service animals in modern health care has vastly grown over the last decade, and service animals have begun to emerge as a popular addition to more traditional health care in many different situations – addiction therapy is […]

Anger Management for Addiction

Anger is a universal feeling we all experience, and the extent we experience anger varies greatly. You can be angry to the degree that you feel irritated or annoyed, or you may experience anger to the extent of absolute rage. […]

Ancestors for Addiction Recovery

A month ago, we introduced scraps of procedures our precursors used to manage enslavement and whether these habit cures can be applied in current occasions. This is a continuation. Substance misuse is certifiably not an ongoing illness. Analysts have recorded […]

Can Addiction Remedies Help Today’s Addicts?

As the years progressed, the clinical network and the media have been taking care of us clashing data with regards to what’s acceptable or not useful for our well-being. What was esteemed bravo hundreds of years back is deadly at […]


What are Anaesthetics? Anesthetics (alternative spelling is ‘anesthetics’) are a classification of medications that cause a loss of sensation and are most commonly used in medical practice for major and minor surgical procedures and in the operating room so that […]


Amphetamine addiction is dangerous, can lead to serious health consequences and increases violent behaviour, yet its origins didn’t begin on the street. Amphetamine was not discovered as a cure for any ailment. Instead, it was a failed attempt that was […]

Alternative Methods of Coping

Strange Ways of Dealing With Addiction-Related Negative Emotions “The torment is in my arm. For what reason are you putting the needle in my thigh?” shouted Nadia at Dr. Lee. A previous barbiturate fiend, Nadia got snared on the medication […]

Addiction in The LGBTQ Community

Individuals within the LGBTQ community experience significantly higher rates of substance abuse than heterosexual adults. Those who identify within the LGBTQ community face an extreme level of discrimination in their day-to-day lives, which compounds stress and anxiety, putting them at […]

Addiction in Indigenous Communities

Indigenous communities in Canada continue to suffer from the negative ramifications that have accompanied generations of poor and unjust treatment at the hands of the country’s government and other institutions. From colonization to residential schools, the systematic mistreatment of the […]

Addiction Relapse Prevention

What is An Addiction Relapse? An addiction relapse refers to returning to old behaviours and once again using the substance that the individual was addicted to. Anything other than complete abstinence can be considered a relapse. Addiction relapse is common, […]

Alcohol Abuse Self Assessment

What is Alcohol Abuse? Alcohol abuse can be difficult to recognize, especially when it is a legal substance and alcohol use is considered socially acceptable. Alcohol affects each individual differently, and there are various factors that determine a person’s tolerance […]

Addiction Outpatient Centres

What is an Outpatient Facility? An outpatient facility is a care centre, often in a hospital, that admits patients that are just temporarily visiting from an “outside” location. At an inpatient facility, patients are admitted overnight and often for days […]

Alcoholism in Canada

Alcoholism is a disease with a name, but it has no face. An alcoholic could look like a mother or a brother, a student or a professor, a top executive or someone down on their luck. Alcohol is the most […]

Addiction In The Homeless Population

The Homeless Addict Stereotype As a rule, when we picture a fiend, we think about a vagrant asking for cash. We partner vagrancy and habit, expecting that with one comes the other. This generalization is solid to such an extent […]

Addiction In The Health Care Professionals

Addiction does no longer discriminate amongst race, gender, ethnic historical past, incapacity, man, woman, or profession. Everyone is a human, and everyone can fall victim to the intoxicating effects of addiction. Addiction among healthcare professionals (HCPs) is no different. According […]

Addiction as Entertainment

We are completely attracted to misfortunes – both big and small. Simply take a gander at any interstate when there is a fender bender. Not only does the side with the accident slow down to maneuver around the cars, but […]

Addiction As a Developmental Disorder

Our working comprehension of habit has developed and adjusted throughout the years to incorporate various things, ranging from addiction as a series of poor choices to addiction as a developmental disorder. While it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with […]

Addiction in Teens

Did you know that 9/10 people who abuse substances as adults originally began experimenting with these substances before they turned 18? [1]  Many teens experiment with drugs and alcohol, but not all teens are addicted. However, teens who frequently abuse […]

Addiction During Pregnancy

An Overview People with substance use disorders suffer from the stigma of being addicts. Because of societal stereotypes, women are stigmatized far more than men. With pregnancy added to the mix, the pressure can be immeasurable. It intensifies the effects […]

Support After Addiction Rehab

Completing addiction rehab is a substantial goal to achieve, and if you’ve made it to that point you should be incredibly proud. It might feel like you are at the end of a long journey when in truth this is […]

Addiction Among Youth In Canadian Schools

It is important to know that there will be a huge number of students who will be offered to try and use drugs when they graduate from high school. The younger an individual is when drug abuse begins, the greater […]

Accessible Rehabs For People With Disabilities

Equality & Hospitality are the most important values to be noted when it comes to addiction treatment centres and facilities. The existence of these resources for recovery and detoxification journeys is important. Whether patients are struggling with opioid use disorder […]

Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse issues can be hard to spot but have the potential to cause significant ramifications for the individuals that struggle through them, as well as the families, close friends and loved ones that are residually impacted. From prescription opioids […]

Substance Abuse: An Introduction

Substance abuse disorder is an epidemic that affects many different groups in society from adolescents to elder adults and is casting an increasing shadow due to its continued rise and prevalence. From illicit and prescription drug abuse to alcohol abuse, […]

Analgesics Addiction

Analgesics: An Intro Analgesics are types of medicine used for pain management and are commonly known as painkillers or pain relievers. Typically, these types of drugs provide pain relief but don’t induce sleep or a loss of consciousness. Analgesics can […]

“This Is Us” And Its Portrayal Of Addiction

Since the first experience with the television show seeing public in 2016, the Pearsons of This Is Us have gotten to be one of North America’s most cherished anecdotal families. Presently in its fourth season, the show is known for […]

Helping Someone with Depression

What is Depression? Many people talk about depression and they assume that sadness is the result of it. But, the fact is sadness eventually fades and depression does not. People who suffer from depression are wounded badly in their hearts […]

What Happens In Drug Addiction Rehab Centres?

Drug Addiction Rehab Centres Drug addiction rehab centres have evolved significantly over the last century or so. “Rehab” used to involve little more than sequestering the addicted person in a room by themselves so they could “dry out”. They were […]

6 Tips for Avoiding Relapse

When you have decided to quit alcohol or drugs and move ahead in your life, the first step involved in the process is recovery. Every individual will have different addictive behaviour and the recovery journey will be totally unique for […]

Returning To Work After Addiction Rehab

Getting Back to Work After Addiction Treatment It has been entrenched by examines and episodic proof that the best way to long haul recuperation for a medication or liquor fiend is a program of inpatient enslavement treatment. People who utilize […]

Is Hypnotherapy An Effective Treatment For Addiction?

When considering hypnotherapy, we frequently picture a scene where a more seasoned man, regularly looking dishonest, waves a sparkling item before a young lady’s eyes, convincing her to nod off. The primary picture of a trance specialist is somebody who […]

Alcoholism in Canada

Alcoholism is a disease with a name, but it has no face. An alcoholic could look like a mother or a brother, a student or a professor, a top executive or someone down on their luck. Alcohol is the most […]

Do Interventions Work?

Drug and Alcohol Interventions: Do They Work? I actually recall two distinct occasions when individuals point and asked about my drinking. One was my Mom many many years before I became sober. And one was my sister, after walking in […]

How to Prevent Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse: An introduction Substance abuse disorder is an epidemic that affects many different groups in society from adolescents to elder adults and is casting an increasing shadow due to its continued rise and prevalence. From illicit and prescription drug […]

Top Options for Alcohol Addiction Treatments

If you’re suffering from alcohol addiction, no matter how severe your situation, there’s always a form of alcohol addiction treatment that could help you with your problem. A study shows that almost one-third of the people who have alcohol addiction […]

How to Deal with Alcohol Addiction Successfully

Alcohol addiction or alcoholism is a common type of addiction that many people have today. Overcoming this kind of addiction can be a challenging task because of the specific steps that an addict must do. There are a lot of […]

Why People Turn To Alcoholism

Every time you go out to have some fun, do you feel that the night is never complete without a drink in your hand? You might be going through alcoholism. Do you know that in every bottle, there is a […]

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Ever wonder what an alcohol addict is like? In this article, we will talk about the signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction. People who suffer from alcohol addiction will frequently put alcohol drinking above all of their other responsibilities. It […]

Effects and Dangers of Alcohol Addiction

Are you suffering from alcohol addiction? Like other kinds of addictions, there are still many ways to address it. You always have a chance to break free from dependence on alcohol. In this article, we will discuss the top treatments […]

Self-Care Tips for People Recovering from Addiction

When a person becomes addicted to alcohol or drugs, the focus of their life is consuming their substance of choice and getting high. It’s easy to neglect the important things in life such as family, friends, proper diet, and even […]

How Your Body Recovers During Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction treatment can help the body recover and get better. While some damages may be irreversible, going through treatment is still important so that you can be healthier as compared to when you were using drugs.  People who have […]

What’s Stopping People from Seeking Addiction Treatment?

Many people who are suffering from addictions are not seeking addiction treatment. It’s not because they don’t want to get better. Most of the time, they don’t know how to go about the process. Sometimes, they feel hopeless and that […]

Steps to Create Your Own Relapse Prevention Plan

Having your own relapse prevention plan can help you a great deal when it comes to your addiction recovery. It is an actionable step that you can take to ensure your recovery after finishing the inpatient rehabilitation program. But before […]

Addiction Relapse During COVID-19 Pandemic

Today, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to be a threat to the world, countries are on lockdown, and this has forced millions of people out of work and into isolation. While social distancing isn’t easy for anyone, it is hitting […]

What is Fentanyl ?

What is Fentanyl ? Signs and Symptoms of Abuse The days when the drugs of choice didn’t necessarily kill you right away seem to be gone. There is a new drug on the market. A man-made drug called Fentanyl and it […]

How Sober Bars are Creating a New Buzz Around Town

Got weekend plans? Maybe you used to be the city socialite, hitting up bars and staying out until daybreak with your friends. But when you’re recovering from an addiction, your priorities change. Going to your usual night-on-the-town spots may pose […]

The Seven C’s for Helping Your Child Heal During Your Recovery

Substance abuse impacts not only the individuals using, but also friends and families. This includes the smallest members of your family – your children. It can be especially difficult for a child to watch their mother or father struggle with […]

7 Things People Recovering From An Addiction Wish You Knew

Recovering from an addiction is difficult when done alone, even well after treatment. It’s important for people to know what their loved one endures while being addicted. That way, families, friends, and spouses can band together to help the person […]

How to Select The Right Alcohol Rehab For Recovery

Whether you’re just beginning your search for an alcohol rehab facility or are still on the fence about whether you actually need treatment, knowing what to look for can help you avoid spending time and money on an alcohol recovery […]

Does Ontario Have a Drug & Alcohol Abuse Epidemic

Ontario currently faces an epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse. About 10% of the population currently has a substance abuse problem, and with 85% of Ontarians regularly drinking, half using marijuana, and about 20% using a prescription or street drug on […]

Drug & Alcohol Addiction in Ontario: Facts & Stats

Millions of Americans struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, and research consistently suggests that Ontario is a hotbed of substance abuse. Ontario ranks among the states with the highest drug and alcohol dependency rates, with about 10% of the population […]

How to Choose the Right Ontario Drug Treatment Center

Every year, thousands of Ontario residents struggle with the pain of drug addiction. Many of these addicts feel alone, scared, and unworthy. Some worry that they’ve done something to deserve their addiction; others are convinced they’re beyond redemption. And some mistakenly […]

What to Do if Your Child is Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 35% of teens have used marijuana or another illicit substance. If you’re worried that your teen is addicted to drugs or alcohol, holistic rehab can help your child begin putting the pieces […]

The Stages of Drug Addiction Explained

Drug addiction has a way of slowly creeping up on an addict. It can feel like one moment you’re quietly enjoying your life, perhaps indulging in a drug here or there, only to find yourself miserable and addicted in no […]

10 Facts About Prescription Drug Addiction You Need To Know

Prescription drug abuse is the nation’s fastest-growing form of drug addiction, yet many prescription drug abusers refuse to even acknowledge that their addiction is every bit as serious as a heroin or meth addict’s addiction. Prescription drug addiction kills, and […]

Interventions as a Tool for Overcoming Drug Addiction

The runaway popularity of A&E’s show Intervention has left many people who love an addict with a renewed sense of hope. After all, the thinking goes, if an intervention can work for the addicts on television, it should work for […]

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment

About half of all people with a substance abuse problem also have an underlying mental illness. In some cases, the mental illness preceded the addiction, while in others it sprung up during the addiction, or even as a result of […]

What are Drug & Alcohol Detox Facilities

No one wants to waste endless months of their life in rehab, and many addicts are so protective of their time and resources that they’re not even willing to go to a 12-step meeting. Detox, though, is the necessary and […]

Does Drug Rehab Work

If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, it’s easy to feel isolated, hopeless, and deeply ashamed. Don’t lose hope just yet, though. Drug addiction is a disease, not a personal failing or a choice. If you seek help now, your […]

What is Drug Addiction

Every year, millions of people—about 25 million, to be exact—struggle with addiction to drugs. But according to the National Institute on Drug Addiction, only about 10% seek the help they need. Drug addiction is a mysterious phenomenon, shrouded in mystery, […]

How to Help a Drug Addict

There is perhaps nothing more frightening than the fear of losing a loved one to drug addiction. Addiction is a disease just like cancer and diabetes, but unlike these conditions, people who love addicts must grapple with plenty of denial […]

Top Reasons to Seek Help For Drug Addiction

Stories about the perils of drug addiction often focus on the immediate effects: incarceration, conflict with loved ones, financial problems. But drug addiction is a serious, chronic, and potentially life-threatening disease. The effects of drug addiction are far-reaching and pernicious, […]

Reasons to Consider Holistic Addiction Treatment

Thoughts of holistic addiction treatment might call to mind thoughts of chakras, color therapy, and other strange—and potentially ineffective—approaches to treatment. But holistic treatment doesn’t mean “weird” treatment. Instead, holistic treatment indicates treatment that treats the body, mind, and spirit. […]

Toronto Alcohol Rehab

More than 16 million adults—7% of the population—struggle with an addiction to alcohol. Even when researchers don’t take into account the violence and accidents that alcohol so often contributes to, this seemingly innocuous drink claims nearly 30,000 lives each year. If […]

Gateway Drug Rehab

When most people think of a gateway drug, they envision a teenage marijuana smoker who eventually graduates to “harder” drugs. But marijuana’s status as a gateway drug remains controversial, with many experts arguing that casual marijuana use does not increase […]

How to Choose a Drug Rehab Program That Works for You

Every year, about 25 million people struggle with drug addiction, but just a fraction—about 10%–seek the drug rehab programs they need. If you’re struggling with addiction, your best ally in the fight for sobriety is drug rehab. Ontario is home […]

How to Choose a Ontario Drug Rehab Center

Every year, more than 25 million Americans need help for a drug or alcohol problem, but only about 10% will seek the help they so desperately need and deserve. If you have an addiction, know that you’re not alone. It’s […]

Drug Rehab for Xanax

In the popular imagination, drug addicts buy their drugs from corner drug dealers, in a dirty and dangerous environment. They break the law, spiral out of control, and may even get arrested. But life doesn’t always match our preconceived notions. […]

Understanding Drug Addiction Rehab

To the uninitiated, the world of drug addiction rehab can seem like a foreign land—and perhaps even a bit intimidating. When you’re struggling to get sober, drug addiction treatment centers are your very best friend. Yet many addicts deliberately avoid […]

Tips for Choosing an Alcohol Rehab Center

If you’re ready to begin the journey of alcohol recovery, you might feel a mixed cocktail of emotions: trepidation, excitement about your new life, shame, anxiety, and perhaps even a nagging sense that you won’t be able to kick the […]

Drug Rehab & Addiction Programs for Women

Addiction is hard enough when you’re not fighting with your spouse, worrying about your kids, and endlessly scurrying to meet seemingly impossible goals and responsibilities. Women face a uniquely demanding world, and drug rehab for women targets the specific needs […]

Understanding the Detox Process at a Drug Detox Center

Drug detox is more than just an inconvenience. It’s a medical state that, in some circumstances, can endanger your life and mental health. Trying to detox alone is almost inevitably a recipe for failure. Instead, you need the assistance of […]

Drug Addiction Recovery: Help & Options

Drug addiction is a profoundly isolating experience, especially if loved ones have rejected you or shamed you because of your addiction struggles. But your addiction is not your fault. If you need drug addiction help, you have access to an […]

Codeine Addiction Treatment

A little cold shouldn’t give rise to a life-altering addiction, but that’s precisely what can happen if you become addicted to codeine. Codeine is a powerful opioid drug that is every bit as addictive as heroin, not to mention chemically […]

Drug Addiction Therapy Explained

Every year, nearly 25 million people need drug addiction treatment, but just a fraction get the assistance they need. In a society that treats drug addiction as a personal failing, not a disease or a product of an unhealthy culture, […]

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost

If you’re ready to seek the help you deserve from a drug rehab center, unless you’re independently wealthy, you’re probably concerned about costs. The costs of continuing your addiction to drugs or alcohol far exceed any costs you can expect […]

Effects of Drug Addiction

In 2013, drugs killed nearly 50,000 people. Alcohol, the most deadly drug of all, claims almost 100,000 lives every year, with various addictions collectively costing the U.S. economy approximately $700 billion annually. Drug addiction might feel like a personal problem, […]

Benefits of Choosing a Holistic Alcohol Treatment Center

We live in a society where alcohol abuse isn’t just normalized but even encouraged. Most people engage in binge drinking from time to time, with even higher rates of binging among college students and young adults. So it’s easy to […]

Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction

Medical marijuana is now legal in 23 states plus the District of Columbia, and a handful of states have even legalized this drug for recreational use. It’s easy to understand why some marijuana users so desperately cling to the notion […]

Understanding Addiction to Drugs

In 2009, nearly 25 million Americans needed treatment for drug addiction, but only 2 million sought the help they needed for their addiction to drugs. Many drug addicts avoid treatment because they don’t want to admit they have a problem. […]

Drug Addiction: Symptoms & Signs

The cold, hard truth about drug addiction is that if you think you have a drug problem, it’s very likely that you do. Drug addiction symptoms vary from addict to addict, and no two addicts develop drug addiction signs that […]

10 Drug Addiction Facts You Need to Know

Every year, nearly 25 million people develop a drug addiction for which they need treatment. But less than 10% are able to seek the help they need. Drug addiction is riddled with misunderstandings, smear campaigns against addicts, and outright lies […]

Prescription Drug Abuse in Ontario

Prescription Drugs: Just as Dangerous as “Hard” Drugs Most prescription drug users lull themselves into a false sense of security by convincing themselves that their drug use isn’t as severe as the use of street drugs. But prescription drugs are […]

Ontario Drug Rehab

Millions of Ontarians are enslaved to drug and alcohol abuse. If you’re worried you might be an addict, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by feelings of helplessness and guilt. The good news is that the addiction is not your fault. […]

Drug Detox

If you’re scared of quitting drugs, convinced the experience will be too hard and too painful, odds are good that what you fear most is drug detox. Detox is the slow and steady process through which drugs leave your body. […]

Drug Addiction Treatment

If you’re concerned that you or a loved one may have a problem with drug addiction, the time to act is now. Drug addiction is a disease characterized by measurable changes in the brain and body. Drug addiction is not a […]

Detox Center in Ontario

Ontario Drug Abuse: What You Need to Know Denial is often the most noteworthy symptom of addiction, with some addicts willing to do anything to avoid the reality that drugs have overtaken their lives. Before you write off your drug […]

Teen Drug Abuse

Though teen drug abuse has decreased somewhat over the last two decades, there’s evidence that it’s steadily ticking back up. If your teenager abuses drugs—or you’re worried that your own drug abuse has escalated out of control—help is available. Drug […]

Addiction to Prescription Drugs

Every year, doctors write hundreds of millions of prescriptions for potentially addictive drugs. Most users take their drugs till the prescription runs out, then return to everyday life. For some, though, prescription drugs initiate a dangerous cycle of addiction. Many […]

Prescription Drug Abuse

Think prescription drugs are safer than street drugs? Think again. Prescription drugs are every bit as addictive as street drugs; that’s why they require a medical prescription to use. Prescription drug abuse is the first step on the road to […]

Drug Addiction Explained

Every year, 9.3% of the population needs treatment for drug addiction. Drug addiction is a profoundly isolating condition that can leave you feeling hopeless and alone. But addiction is not a choice or a moral failing. It’s a disease, and […]

Drug Abuse Explained

Millions of Americans abuse drugs each year, but most are convinced they’re totally alone. Drugs convince users to keep their use quiet, convincing many addicts that no one’s addiction is as bad as theirs. Rest assured, addiction does terrible things […]

Am I An Addict?

Nearly 10% of Americans need treatment for drug or alcohol abuse each year. Addiction is a deeply isolating condition that convinces you you’re alone, worthless, and beyond recovery. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many addicts, though, struggle with […]

Am I An Alcoholic?

Seventy percent of Americans drink at least annually, and nearly 90% have consumed alcohol at least once. Alcohol is our nation’s favorite drug and is so popular that many users refuse to even acknowledge that it is a drug. About […]

Do I Need Alcohol Rehab

When you’re trapped in a cycle of addiction, recovery can feel impossible, leading treatment to feel futile. Every year, 1.3 million Americans seek treatment for alcohol addiction, but that accounts for less than 10% of those who need treatment. If […]

Alcohol Detox

About a quarter of adults engage in binge drinking each month, with 1.3 million Americans seeking treatment for alcohol addiction each year. This figure accounts for a mere 7.8% of all adults who need assistance managing an addiction to alcohol. […]

Addiction to Methamphetamine

A&E’s hit series Breaking Bad neatly captured the power of methamphetamine to destroy lives, relationships, and careers. And just like in the series, methamphetamine addiction often begins with euphoric highs and a sense of invincibility. With prolonged use, though, methamphetamine […]

Addiction to Marijuana

Nearly 40% of people have tried marijuana, and the drug is now legal in 23 states, plus the District of Columbia. Most marijuana users are able to use the drug without a problem, and doctors are increasingly prescribing it for […]

Addiction to Heroin

A little over a hundred years ago, rather than facing the perils of buying drugs on the street, heroin addicts could purchase the substance at their local convenience store. A powerful opioid synthesized from poppy flowers, heroin was once marketed […]

Addiction to Designer Drugs

Unlike heroin and methamphetamine, designer drugs aren’t a single type of substance. Nor do they belong to a single class of drugs, such as stimulants or depressants. Instead, designer drugs are chemically synthesized substances designed to mimic other drugs. Some […]

Addiction to Cocaine

Cocaine was once widely available, and marketed as a virtual panacea for ailments ranging from depression to headaches. But the libertine use of cocaine quickly gave rise to a national addiction epidemic, spurring authorities to ban the drug, prohibiting even […]

Addiction to Alcohol

Alcohol is as American as apple pie. But it’s far more deadly than this sweet treat. Every year, alcohol claims the lives of nearly 90,000 Americans, making it the leading cause of drug-related deaths, outpacing all other drug groups except […]