DUI Lawyers in Canada

DUI Lawyers in Canada

DUI Lawyers in Canada: Get Your Legal Representation Now

There are over 2000 fatalities in Canada due to impaired driving as stated in the 2010 report alone. Approximately 300,000 people were injured due to the same reason while nearly 21 billion dollars worth of damages has been attributed to DUI. The Canadian Parliament made amendments to the Criminal Code, including the offense of driving under the influence as up to 15% of criminal charges were linked to impaired driving. The offense is avoidable if you are not struggling with substance abuse but if you ever find yourself in this dire situation, you can call DUI lawyers in Canada.

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Why find DUI Lawyers in Canada right away?

Driving under the influence is a grave offense that has corresponding legal repercussions. Your problem becomes even harder and more serious if the accident you cause yielded fatalities or severe injuries to others. DUI lawyers in Canada offer legal counsel and representation to those individuals who are charged with the offense.

The Punishment for DUI

Anyone who is found guilty of impaired driving is given driving prohibition all across Canada along with specific jail time depending on the gravity of the offense. DUI cases are also inclusive of fines and monetary sanctions especially when the offense is serious or has been committed multiple times. First offenders are fined with $1000 but it also comes with a 12-month driving prohibition. You need to find DUI lawyers in Canada for your second and third offense since these offenses have corresponding jail times. A second offense would mean 30 days in jail while violators the third time around are sanctioned with a 120-day jail sentence and three years of driving license suspension.

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What DUI Lawyers in Canada Do

Your legal counsel helps you walk through the entire legal process and take note that it could be quite costly and time-consuming. The best DUI lawyers in Canada have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with DUI charges and legal processes. Different provinces in Canada have their own rates as to the legal fees of the DUI lawyer you hire. Basically, the majority of the costs would be for the legal fees of your lawyer along with other expenses involved in the whole legal process. There are always DUI lawyers in Canada working in various law firms around the country as DUI cases are quite prevalent in the previous years. DUI-related cases are almost always linked to substance abuse and addiction.

The Best DUI Lawyers in Ontario

The harrowing reflection of substance abuse and addiction is manifested in accidents and cases that involve impaired driving. Find DUI lawyers in Canada for your legal counsel and representation and when you have settled for your legal obligations, make sure you find help to deal with your substance abuse problems.

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