LSD Addiction

LSD Addiction

What is LSD Addiction?

LSD Addiction: Of the many different kinds of drugs available in Canada, LSD happens to be one of the most addictive. In fact, this particular kind of drug has been a problem of the Canadian government in the past and still poses to be one of the most prevailing problems up to the present days. Comparing the statistics of 1994 with the 2004 statistics will show you that the use of this drug is increasing in a significant rate, an indication that LSD addiction is still a menace in the country today. The side effects of this drug are really serious and these need to be focused on especially those who need help.

LSD abuse

It was in the year 1998 when a study was conducted in the province of Quebec and this has found out that about 1.5 percent of the province’s population was actually using LSD in a period of one year. LSD abuse is right behind marijuana. On the other hand, the research team had also asked university students and discovered that 1.8 percent of them were into LSD abuse. In places where LSD use is at its peak, authorities have become alarmed with the danger brought by this particular kind of drug.

In 2202, a research team conducted a survey in Montreal’s rave community and there they have found that 56 percent of the young persons have used LSD in the past year. Prior to this survey, it has been concluded that LSD use and addiction often begins in raves and parties. Other areas in Canada are not exempted from the tally of Canadian places where LSD addiction and use are present. For example, Ontario’s Northwestern section has a massive case of LSD addiction that does not tend to go down with the passing of years.

cause of LSD

LSD addiction does not cause physical dependence but users often experience psychological dependence when LSD is taken in an abusive manner. In most cases, LSD is used by many as a way to escape from reality. The high sensation that one gets from this drug is something that makes a person hooked up and soon become addicted and dependent over time. One thing more that a person will experience when LSD is abused is that he will develop a physical tolerance and will experience and feel the lingering effects of LSD even after he’s done taking it.

Finding a Treatment for LSD Addiction

Canada is wealthy of facilities like Addiction Rehab Centres Canada that operate in providing medical and rehabilitation services to people with varying addiction cases. What is interesting about these facilities is that they allow you to choose the kind of rehab setting you want along with professional advice to so that you’ll know the best option that’s right for your treatment and recovery.

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