Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine Addiction

What is ketamine Addiction?

When someone becomes dependent to the use of ketamine hydrochloride then the common end-result of it is known as ketamine addiction. Molecularly, ketamine is similar to phencyclidine (PCP) or Angel Dust. Addiction to ketamine has the following effects: numbness, muscle rigidity, loss of coordination, invulnerability, violent/aggressive behavior, blocked or slurred speech, exaggerated strength and staring blankly.

Ketamine is categorized as an anesthetic drug so this commonly causes the user to stop feeling pain after being induced. It is also a drug that helps in relieving anxiety and tension. It is also purported as a sexual stimulant and intensifies sounds and colors. A person who is high on Ketamine is expected to experience its effects from one to six hours depending on the amount of drug taken. A person has to wait for one to two days so as to get himself back to normal again. Chronic use of this drug may take from several months to a couple of years to full wear off.

ketamine addiction
ketamine general description

General Description

Ketamine is a non-barbiturate and fast-acting drug used on both humans and animals. This kind of drug has also been used in human medicine particularly in experimental psychotherapy, dentistry, pediatric burn cases. With the passing of time, people have abused it and treated it as a party or club drug. Ketamine is often distributed in raves and parties which often end up to ketamine addiction.

Withdrawal Symptoms

When someone is looking forward to stop using ketamine, the bodily system has the following signs and symptoms of withdrawal to show: anxiety, convulsions, delirium, insomnia, tremors, cramps, nausea, chilling, sweating, panic, irritability, paranoia and death.

Ketamine is legally used in Canada but only for medical purposes only. It is commonly marketed as Ketalar or Ketaset to medical personnel and veterinarians. However, in other places like in California, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Connecticut, Ketamine is known as a controlled substance.

ketamine withdrawal symptoms
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Damaging Effects to Health

Ketamine addiction comes with a large range of effects in human health and these effects usually include analgesia, hallucination, dissociative anesthesia, bronchodilation and hypertension. Ketamine is commonly used for general maintenance of general anesthesia in combination with some kinds of sedative drugs. It is also used as a sedation agent in the intensive care and as analgesia especially in emergency medicine and for the treatment of is also a common anesthetic used in veterinary medicine.

Finding a Treatment for Ketamine Addiction

If you are suffering from ketamine addiction and you want a safe way to get yourself treated the safe and effective way, Addiction Rehab Centres Canada is the best place to go. DAC is a drug rehabilitation center that has the aim to help people in the country in treating their addiction the best way possible, helping them get back to their normal life the soonest time possible.

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