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GHB Addiction

GHB Addiction: What is it?

GHB addiction is a kind of drug-related problem that started to take its toll in Canada during the early parts of the 90s. While this kind of addiction seems to be less common in the country, the problem still needs attention to eliminate crimes and other incidents which are commonly brought about by using GHB. Generally, this kind of drug is used by many students within the rave community.

GHB is a kind of drug which is used on people in rave parties. Because sleep is induced to the person who has taken it, rapes have been known to happen. This is why GHB is otherwise known as a ‘date rape’ drug. Apart from its sleep-inducing purpose, GHB is also used as a form of recreational drug but tagged as an illegal drug in Montreal, Quebec and all parts of the country.

What is GHB?

GHB simply stands for gamma hydroxybuterate and has the following as its street names: Gina, G, GB, GBH, Georgia Home Boy, Liquid Ecstasy, Somatomax, Jungle Juice, Gamma-OH, Juice, Liquid X, Scoop and Fantasy.

GHB is a substance that is frequently represented as a date rape drug. It is sometimes referred to as liquid ecstasy due to its potency and ability to produce a sense of euphoria and sociability. This is the reason why this drug is commonly distributed and used in clubs and dance parties. Nevertheless, the known effects of GHB are quite distinct from the effects of MDMS or ecstasy. GHB is usually availed in an odorless liquid form. Low doses of it can cause raised libido, euphoria, intoxication and increased sociability.

The Effects

When taken at lower doses, GHB offers a euphoric effect which is similar to the effect of alcohol. It gives a happy, sociable and relaxing sensation. But if it is taken at higher doses, the user feels sleepy, dizzy and can sometimes cause vomiting, loss of consciousness and muscle spasms. A person who is overdosed with GHB often suffers from loss of consciousness or temporary comatose while slowing down the breathing process. In cases when GHB is mixed with alcohol, breathing can is usually brought to a dangerous rate, causing a number of deaths in the process.

Finding a Treatment for GHB Addiction

Canada is wealthy of places where drug rehabilitation centers are found, helping people who are struggling from their addiction. If you are someone who is addicted to GHB or you knew of someone else who needs help to recover from his addiction, Addiction Rehab Centres Canada is the best place to go – a place where you can get professional advice as well as assessment so that you can have the right and proper treatment and recovery option for you.

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