Mescaline Addiction

Mescaline Addiction

What is Mescaline?

Mescaline: According to authorities, Canada has not had much problem regrading mescaline addiction over the previous years. This is due to the fact that mescaline is a kind of drug that is less popular and not much seen or used. However, carrying this drug to any point of the country is proven to be illegal unless you get a duly provided authorization.

It is also illegal to traffic mescaline anywhere in the country as stated in the Canadian government’s Controlled Drugs & Substance Acts. As such, it is obvious to note that anyone who is abusing the drug or addicted to it could be caught and arrested.  But the raw substance that comes from the peyote cactus is an exemption from the act. This means that anyone can grow the plant and use it without any legal issues to deal with.

mescaline as psychedelic

What is Mescaline?

Mescaline is categorized as a psychedelic drug from the family of synthesized drugs and substances. It has a strong hallucinogenic property and used in different fields such as in art, medication and many others. Ultimately, this kind of drug is commonly derived from different kinds of cactus plants. Historically, mescaline was first used in 1920. When a person makes use of this drug a number of times, physical tolerance is anticipated along the way. With each use, a person may have the feeling of carvings to get and take more of the drug and this can be extremely dangerous.

Potential Effects of Mescaline

When it comes to potency, mescaline proves to have a high level of it thereby causing a wide variety of effects on an individual. These effects could be things like:

  • Strong arousal
  • Sleeplessness
  • Intensified sense of hearing
  • Shape distortion
  • Increased color intensity
  • Distorted visual patterns
effects of mescaline
mescaline addiction

Almost similar to LSD and other types of psychedelic drugs, mescaline comes without the classic signs and symptoms as far as withdrawal is concerned. However, this does not necessarily mean that someone who makes use of the drug would not feel the effects after each use. In fact, users of this drug report that they experience “trips” and other unlikely symptoms after using it. This makes it important and advisable for a mescaline addict to withdraw under the supervision and guidance of a professional who works in a detox facility or rehabilitation center.

Finding a Treatment for Mescaline Addiction

Canada abounds with many places where drug addiction can be treated. Addiction Rehab Centres Canada is an authority that offers and provides absolute, safe and effective treatments for different kinds of addictions which include mescaline addiction. Here, you can have the type of treatment that depends on your specific needs. If you have any doubt about certain treatments, feel free to contact Drug Addiction Canada today.

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