Heroin Addiction

Heroin Addiction

Heroin Addiction: What is it?

Heroin addiction is known as one of the most common drug-related problems in Canada through the years. In 2004, a survey was conducted and it appeared that 1 percent of the country’s population had made use of this kind of illegal drug. In 1999, a survey was conducted in Toronto and discovered that 11 percent of the youth here are struggling from heroin addiction.

Compared to all the other provinces in Canada, British Columbia placed itself at the top rank being the home of many people who were addicted to heroin. Higher numbers of heroin addiction are also found in the Northwest Territories and this problem also exists in Alberta, Edmonton and Calgary. ON the other hand, the province of Quebec has a situation with heroin addiction and people who are addicted to heroin are in dire need of help and support. Users of heroin in Canada are found in boys and girls ranging from 12 to 17 years old. Many of these individuals have had prolonged use of the drug, making them addicted to it over time.

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What is Heroin?

Heroin is known as one of the most highly addictive drugs and the most abused substance in the streets of Canada. It is commonly made from morphine which is derived from the Asian poppy plant extracts. When sold, heroin comes in the form of a brownish or whitish powder or as a blackish and sticky substance which is popularly known as black tar heroin in the Canadian streets.

Heroin is usually taken by users in three different ways which include injecting, snorting (sniffing) and smoking (chasing). Since heroin travels fast through the blood stream, users of this drug choose the injection method to get the effects in a quicker manner. Once the heroin is injected, its entire amount enters the blood stream, thereby increasing the chances of suffering from heroin overdose. Heroin is otherwise known in the following street names: dope, junk and smack.

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The Effects

When a person takes heroin in any way, feelings of euphoria, warmth, contentment and well-being are often reported. Other known effects also include anxiety, confusion, paranoia, mood swings, a rush type of feeling or sensation followed by a relaxed and contented state. Since opiates are known as painkillers, heroin can also be used to reduce or stop pains. However, this drug can also cause unconsciousness to a person. Long-term effects of heroin use can cause loss of sex drive, infertility and menstrual irregularity among women, constipation, cognitive impairment and extreme sadness.

Finding a Treatment for Heroin Addiction

If you are struggling with heroin addiction and you want something that will treat you the safe and effective way, Addiction Rehab Centres Canada is the path to follow. Equipped with the best facilities and professionals, this rehab center will surely lead you to live a life that’s free from drugs.

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