Drug Rehabilitation in Canada

Drug Rehabilitation in Canada

Drug Rehabilitation in Canada: Drug Rehab Methods that Work

Drug rehabilitation Canada is made more aggressive and comprehensive as an initiative to fight the destructive effects of substance addiction and abuse. There are various rehab facilities that are either government-funded or privately operated, offering various methods of drug rehab treatment. Different drug treatments have their own unique features that work for various drug addiction cases. The first step to bouncing back to substance-free living is to undergo mandatory drug rehabilitation in Canada and restore a healthy and useful life.

Treatment Methods and Drug Rehabilitation in Canada

Substance dependents and addicts and their loved ones will always suffer the consequences and havoc of addiction without proper therapy and treatment. You can never eradicate your addiction if you don’t undergo rehab and the rate of success from your rehab highly depends on the type of treatment you received. Not all treatment methods address the impairments and effects of substance abuse and addiction. Different rehab programs cater to a specific need of different clients, depending on the severity and seriousness of their case.

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Here are some of the known treatment methods when undergoing drug rehabilitation in Canada:

Twelve Steps Method

The rehab program is based on the treatment approach used in Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholic Anonymous, dubbed as the complete therapy. Numerous facilities that offer drug rehabilitation in Canada offer this type of treatment as an additional treatment to the main therapy. There are 12 steps or phases that the client needs to work through in order to achieve permanent and true sobriety.

Bio-Physical Approach

The long-term treatment is administered with no specified or exact duration, depending mainly on the individual needs of the clients. The treatment addresses the physical aspect and the capacity of the individual to cope with life and what’s in store after the treatment. The bio-physical treatment philosophy considers the addiction as a bad choice and not a disease that has to be treated.

Behavioral Modification

The behaviors of the client are addressed in this type of treatment, “breaking” the person to undergo modifications that would make the individual a better person. Although it is a known treatment approach for drug rehabilitation in Canada, this method has unknown success rates.

physical approach
cognitive behavioral program

Cognitive Behavioral Program

The main objective of this approach is to build a person’s confidence, overcome negative thoughts about his person and all the stimuli that come with such negative self-image. The treatment approach is basically not a specific method for drug rehabilitation in Canada but it is integrated to the main therapy as supplemental treatment.

There are other drug treatment methods including Creative Art Therapy, Religious-Based Treatment, and Holistic Approach. Addiction Rehab Centres Canada offers reliable informative materials to help you find the best drug rehabilitation in Canada.

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