Oxycodone Addiction

Oxycodone Addiction

What is Oxycodone?

Oxycodone is a kind of drug which is widely prescribed and used in Canada especially in Ontario. According to authorities, in the year 2003 alone, close to three million prescriptions had been reported and most of these took place in the province. This has put a picture of oxycodone addiction in the minds of other people and this proves to be a serious problem for any individual addicted to it. The most popular brand of oxycodone which is widely prescribed and sold in Canada is known as OxyContin.

For you to have a clearer view on the ill-effects of oxycodone addiction there were over a hundred people who have died with oxycodone found in their body and this report was recorded in the year 2003 alone. As of today, the figure increased ten times and this has simply put a great alarm on the part of concerned authorities. In fact, an opioid addiction treatment center in Toronto took notice of the growing number of patients who were addicted to OxyContin. From the time they started admitting patients who were addicted to OxyContin, the figure swelled from 4 percent to more than 55 percent.

oxycodone as serious problem

Oxycodone as a Serious Problem in Canada

People who have become addicted to OxyContin proved to be one of the serious problems in Canada. When taken oxycodone acts as a pain reliever that can gradually create physical and psychological addiction in the process. While mood swings do not come into play after using oxycodone, a person simply gets a sense of euphoria. When one gets addicted to this drug he would then experience lightheadedness, nausea and impotency on the part of male users. Excessive use of oxycodone can also cause serious respiratory issues, low blood pressures, and even death. Oxycodone is used as a recreational drug yet it poses a great danger on the part of the user.

oxycodone effects

Oxycodone Dependency and Effects

Oxycodone dependency or addiction is a physical form of dependence that is hard to avoid especially when the user is exposed to high doses of the drug over an extended period of time. Addiction to this drug is extremely powerful, causing string cravings in the process. As for the effects, oxycodone cravings are a result of a user’s memory of feelings of euphoria and pleasantness which he usually associates with oxycodone use. In return, the person’s subconscious memory triggers him to seek and use the drug because of his false positive impressions.

Finding a Treatment for Oxycodone Addiction

With the staggering effects and withdrawal symptoms associated with oxycodone addiction, getting oneself treated may prove to be very difficult especially when done alone. For the best, professional, effective and safe way to treat oxycodone addiction, contact Addiction Rehab Centres Canada today.

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