Methadone Addiction

Methadone Addiction

What is Methadone?

Methadone addiction is one of the major drug-related problems in Canada today. This drug is used both in recreational and medical purposes. There are drug addiction rehabilitation centers in the country that actually make use of this drug in treating addiction. However, methadone is known for its addictive property, many users tend to get addicted with it in the process. Obviously, methadone addiction is divided in two folds:

  • People may plainly abuse methadone until they become addicted
  • People make use of methadone for medical purposes until they develop methadone addiction
methadone major drug related problem

Basing from the survey which was conducted in 2003, about 33 percent of the people in the country with ages 14 to 23 years old had abused methadone for recreational purposes. Thus, this clearly means that a huge part of this figure could be suffering from methadone addiction.

In 1999, a city in Vancouver has had 170 patients with methadone addiction case and most of them are men. As of the present days, more than 3000 patients in Vancouver are struggling with methadone addiction. Getting addicted to this drug is easy because all pharmacies in the country can dispense it to customers that carry a prescription. With the legality of this drug in the country, it is alarming to note that addiction can easily happen to all those who are using methadone in treating their illnesses.

In Quebec, many people are also tagged as methadone addicts. In 2002 alone, there were less than two thousand people who were on methadone. People who were living in the streets of Montreal were also subjected to a methadone survey and 8 percent of them have admitted that they have used the drug at least once in their lives.

tagged as methadone addicts

Methadone, when used as an addiction treatment can create a strong and persistent addiction more often than not. It can be clearly pictured this way: using the drug to solve a problem is something that creates another one. And when one becomes addicted to this drug, he will suffer from different signs and symptoms like constipation, drowsiness, etc. And when one abuses this drug in a frequent manner, it can cause dangerous effects such as respiratory problems.

Finding a Treatment for Methadone Addiction

Suffering from addiction is a very serious problem that needs to be focused on. Whether it is you or someone you love who is addicted to a particular drug or substance, it is important for you to come up with something that can lead you to your life’s complete revival and recovery. Addiction has nothing good to give and the only way to free yourself from its negative effects is through rehabilitation. Addiction Rehab Centres Canada is the right place where you can find the right path towards safe and effective methadone addiction treatment and recovery.

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