DUI in Canada

DUI in Canada

DUI in Canada: What Happens When You Lose Control

DUI in Canada is one of the most prevalent and alarming issues in the country that is related to alcohol or drug addiction and tolerance. DUI means Drinking Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol. Law enforcement professionals often refer to DUI as “driving while intoxicated” or “driving under the influence.” Canadian law enforcement often uses the latter term as it is not limited to driving under the influence of alcohol alone. The law states that it is illegal to take any drugs or alcohol while driving. These substances have mind-altering effects such as prescription medication, cannabis, and alcohol, all could impair the ability of an individual to safely and properly drive.

DUI lose control
DUI real threat

DUI in Canada – Is it Becoming a Real Threat?

In recent years, accidents due to drunk driving have been a common occurrence in Canada with an increasing number of deaths or fatalities linked to such accidents. Thus, DUI in Canada is given a strong emphasis in the implementation of the law. The Canadian code for DUI has two sections whereas Part A states that it is illegal to drive or operate any railway or aircraft equipment or have any form of “control or care” over a vessel, vehicle, train, or aircraft while intoxicated. Section 253 B states that it is illegal for a person to operate a train, vehicle, aircraft, or vessel while the BAC or Blood Alcohol Content is above the standard 0.08.

How do you get into trouble with a DUI?

DUI in Canada is quite prevalent and you may find yourself arrested if you are specifically not careful about it. For instance, when you are stopped on suspicion of Driving under the Influence, the officer may use several methods in order to verify their suspicion. First, you will be physically evaluated and observed and if proven intoxicated, you would have to face the legal repercussion.

DUI punishable by law

DUI in Canada is Punishable by Law

The level of punishment would depend on the DUI offense and the gravity of that offense. For a first offense, violators will have their driving license suspended for up to 12 months and a fine of $1000. Second DUI offense carries a jail term of 30 days with the 24-month prohibition of the individual’s license. Third DUI offense requires violators to spend 120 days in jail and prohibition of driving license for 36 months. For DUI in Canada cases where someone is either badly hurt or killed, a maximum of 10 years in prison is the appropriate sentence.

DUI in Canada is just the result of the pressing problem of alcohol and drug abuse. It only reflects the terrifying face of addiction and how it can affect the life of not just one individual but numerous people around him.

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