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Mass Tsang Criminal Lawyers stand out as a beacon of hope in Toronto’s legal landscape. Recognized as one of the city’s foremost criminal law firms, they’ve earned a reputation for a triad of distinct reasons. First and foremost, Mass Tsang is not your typical criminal defense firm. They’ve carved out a niche specializing in traffic ticket charges and quasi-criminal offenses, and their track record speaks volumes. With a history of successfully defending over a thousand such cases, their expertise is unparalleled. Secondly, they understand that justice shouldn’t be a luxury. In a world where legal fees can skyrocket, Mass Tsang is committed to ensuring that even those facing financial constraints have access to quality defense. This is evident in their compassionate approach, offering flexible payment plans tailored to the needs of clients who might otherwise find legal representation unaffordable. With over three decades of collective experience, their team of five esteemed criminal lawyers bring to the table a wealth of knowledge in both basic and intricate criminal cases. Their multilingual capabilities, spanning languages such as Mandarin, Punjabi, and Cantonese, ensure that Toronto’s diverse immigrant population feels heard and understood. But their expertise doesn’t end with criminal cases. Mass Tsang Criminal Lawyers, renowned as formidable DUI Lawyers, also bring a deep understanding of family law to the fore. Engaging their services offers clients a holistic approach, addressing multiple legal needs with the precision and dedication that only seasoned professionals can provide.

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At the heart of our firm lies a commitment to defending the rights of our clients, no matter the charge. With a track record that boasts over 1,000 successfully handled cases, our prowess in the courtroom is evident. But it’s not just about numbers; it’s about the impact we make on individual lives. We understand the strain that legal charges can bring, not just emotionally, but financially. That’s why we offer easy financing options, ensuring everyone has access to top-tier defense. Specializing in drunk driving charges, our adept team has accumulated invaluable experience, making us the go-to DUI defenders in the area. What’s more, our multicultural team is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, and numerous other languages, ensuring clear communication and comprehensive understanding for our diverse clientele. When you choose us, you choose experience, empathy, and excellence.


Criminal law, family law, immigration law, theft and fraud, drug and assault charges, and traffic violation

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