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Drug Addiction: Symptoms & Signs

The cold, hard truth about drug addiction is that if you think you have a drug problem, it’s very likely that you do. Drug addiction symptoms vary from addict to addict, and no two addicts develop drug addiction signs that look exactly alike. Knowing the symptoms of drug addiction, though, can inspire you to get clean before your drug problem completely overtakes your life.

Drug Addiction Symptoms: How Drugs Affect Your Health

Many drug addicts are surprised to see just how quickly their drug problem undermines their physical or mental health. If you have several of these drug addiction signs, you’re almost certainly an addict:

  • You have new or worsening physical or mental health problems since you began using.
  • You use drugs because prescription medications are ineffective at treating your symptoms.
  • You use a higher dose of prescription drugs than prescribed by your doctor, or you engage in doctor-shopping to get access to more prescription drugs.
  • You feel depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed when you try to quit using.
  • You use drugs to cope with the physical or psychological effects of a chronic health condition.
  • You suffer from physiological or emotional withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop using.
  • You struggle with chronic pain.
  • You’re losing or gaining weight at a rapid rate.
  • Your sleeping habits have changed; you either sleep too much or not enough, and you may experience nightmares or panic attacks in the middle of the night.
  • Your eating habits have changed; some drug addicts suffer from obesity or malnutrition due to drug-induced changes in food consumption.
  • You experience a rapid heart rate.
  • You have chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes or fibromyalgia, that didn’t exist prior to the addiction.

Drug Addiction Signs: How Drugs Affect Your Relationships

For many people with a drug problem, the first drug addiction symptoms come in the form of changed relationships. Many addicts end up losing their marriages or long-term relationships; others find themselves embroiled in near-constant conflict with children, spouses, or parents. Some common ways drugs affect relationships include:

  • Neglecting your children or your spouse.
  • Increased conflict with loved ones, especially over your drug use.
  • Feeling angry with loved ones more frequently.
  • Believing that your loved ones are to blame for the problems in your life.
  • Demands from loved ones that you seek treatment or get sober.
  • Endangering loved ones because of your addiction. For instance, you might drive your children to school while under the influence of drugs, or take your spouse with you to a drug deal.
  • Bringing drug dealers or users to your home.
  • Having friendships primarily or exclusively with other drug users or dealers.
  • Difficulty prioritizing your relationships over drugs.
  • Getting more fulfillment out of using drugs than you do in your relationships.
  • Changes in libido, or the inability to orgasm or get sexually aroused.

Drug Addiction Signs: How Drugs Affect Your Finances

Unless you have a very charitable drug dealer, there’s no escaping the fact that drugs cost money. Most drug addicts end up dealing with serious financial problems. Some of the challenges you may experience include:

  • Loss of your job.
  • Difficulty paying your bills.
  • Costly doctor’s bills.
  • Legal expenses that sap your savings.
  • Stealing from or lying to others to gain access to money for drugs.
  • Being willing to spend anything you have to go be able to again purchase drugs.
  • Increased conflict at work.

Drug Addiction Symptoms: How Drugs Affect Daily Living

Drug addiction is, in many ways, a lifestyle disease that affects your ability to function on a daily, and even hourly, basis. Some of the changes in the way you live that you may encounter include:

  • Legal problems, such as arrest or incarceration.
  • Fear of police, since having drugs on you might mean you get arrested.
  • Loss of interest in previously beloved hobbies.
  • Difficulty concentrating or managing your time.
  • Prioritizing drugs over every other pursuit.

With so many symptoms, it might feel impossible to get sober and turn your life around. But we can show you a path to healthy, lasting, happy sobriety. You deserve a better life. We’ll show you how to get there. Contact Addiction Rehab Centres Canada today!