Drug Detox

Drug Detox

There are a number of challenges associated with drug detox. A person who suffers any type of drug addiction and then goes without the drug for an extended period of time, is going to go through something known as “detox.” Their body has been tricked into thinking it needs the substance of choice to survive and as a result, they begin to exhibit symptoms that are often so intense and unpleasant that the person begins to take the drug again.

A number of people who suffer an addiction make quite a few unsuccessful attempts to stop using the drugs. In most cases, these attempts are unsuccessful because the user is not able to handle the symptoms associated with the detox or withdrawal process. However, when medically supervised detox is sought, it can increase the chances that the addict makes it through the process successfully, so that they are able to begin the steps to lifelong recovery.

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What is a Bad Drug Detox?

The severity of any drug detox can vary from one person to another, and is also affected by the type of drug taken. For example, marijuana is a drug that typically produces very mild symptoms, while the use of opioids can result in life-threatening symptoms that require professional, medical supervision. Some of the other factors that can affect the severity and nature of the drug detox include their mental and physical health, age of the user, and the amount of time they have suffered the addiction.

Some of the most common symptoms of a drug detox include:

  • Muscle spasms or aches
  • Extreme cravings for the drug of choice
  • Seizures, shaking, fever, and elevated heart rate
  • Changes in the persons appetite, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting
  • Issues sleeping or waking up to nightmares
  • The desire for self-injury or thoughts of suicide
  • Depression, anxiety, or panic
  • Erratic behavior or mood swings
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Is Professional Drug Detox Necessary?

Even though drug detox is typically an unpleasant process, it is a crucial component of addiction recovery. While some people believe they can wean themselves off the drug gradually, this virtually never works. Addiction is a type of disease that can be triggered by even a small exposure to the drugs. The fact is, the majority of drug addictions have some type of underlying cause, and those who are trying to recover cannot deal with these root causes until they have undergone the professional drug detox process.

At Addiction Rehab Ottawa, the drug detox process is handled in a safe and supervised manner. Some of the support offered during this process includes:

  • The medical care needed to protect addicts from the possibly dangerous withdrawal symptoms, such as dehydration and suicidal thoughts.
  • Psychological care in order to assist addicts in handling depression, anxiety, cravings, and other withdrawal symptoms that can affect the person’s mind.
  • A transition into a custom addiction treatment program that helps our client prepare for a drug free life.

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