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What’s Stopping People from Seeking Addiction Treatment?

What’s Stopping People from Seeking Addiction Treatment?

Many people who are suffering from addictions are not seeking addiction treatment. It’s not because they don’t want to get better. Most of the time, they don’t know how to go about the process. Sometimes, they feel hopeless and that nothing can be done about their situation. If you have a loved one who you want to help, this article will provide some understanding of what’s stopping them from seeking addiction treatment. 

Helping Loved Ones of Addicts Understand Their Situation

Maybe you have a sibling or a child who has an addiction problem. Your desire to see them get better is strong because you love them and you don’t want them to get stuck in their current situation. However, you mostly feel helpless because they’re not doing anything to help themselves. It seems like getting them the addiction treatment that they need is impossible. 

There are several reasons why an addict is not seeking addiction treatment. It is something that you have to understand so that you can gain insight into their way of thinking. By knowing what’s stopping them, you can strategize better on what you can do for your loved one. 

Helping Loved Ones of Addicts Understand Their Situation

Individuals suffering from addictions need friends and family who can empathize with them. For all you know, your loved one is already going through so much self-loathing. They don’t need any more hate or anger from their family and the people that should care for them. 

The best way for a person with an addiction to get better is for them to recognize that they need help. Families can help them realize that there’s still a lot of hope. It’s never too late to repair the damages caused by the addiction. So, the first step you can do is to gain a better understanding of the barriers that they have. It’s how you can identify the best ways that you can offer your support. 

Emotional Barriers to Addiction Treatment

Addiction is not simple. An individual suffering from addiction experiences drastic changes in the way that their brain works. Their bodies also suffer from the consumption of harmful substances. Addicts may have chosen to try drugs the first time but they did not choose to become addicts. 

The chemistry of the brain has changed so much because of the drug that it has affected the way that people with addictions think. Feeding the addiction becomes a priority in their lives. Emotional barriers to addiction treatment happen because individuals with addiction have a chronic disorder. With this, we can’t expect any change or improvement in their situation to happen overnight. 

It is vital to identify the emotional barriers so that they can be properly dealt with. Know if your loved one is feeling pushed, enabled, or ashamed. If they are, it’s most likely a factor as to why they’re not seeking addiction treatment. 

Shame for Being an Addict

Shame for Being an Addict

There is a strong stigma when it comes to addictions. People who have substance use disorders feel a lot of guilt and shame. Mental health conditions are highly stigmatized. But recently, more and more people are coming forward to talk about their mental health issues and addictions and how they are overcoming it. 

Most of the addicts hide their problems on drugs or alcohol because they’re afraid or embarrassed about what has happened to them. They’re fearful that their families will get angry with them. And so they try to wrestle with their addiction on their own. Addictions cannot be dealt with alone. People with addictions need healthcare experts who can help them recover during their addiction treatment. They need their loved ones for emotional support. 

If you think that your loved one is shameful of their situation and addiction, make them feel secure by showing that you care about them. Don’t get easily angry at them or make them feel small and worthless. Fill them with the hope that there are better days ahead. Tell them that there’s no shame in seeking addiction treatments. 

Fear Towards the Addiction Treatment

Many people suffering from addictions know that the first step of addiction treatment is going to be detox. It means that they have to stop using their substance of choice and it’s not going to be easy for them. It’s true; detox is very uncomfortable. At times, it can even be painful. The withdrawal symptoms will affect not just the physical but also the emotional and mental aspects of the person. 

These people want to get better but they’re afraid of what they have to go through. They don’t know how to start living without drugs or alcohol. That’s why inpatient addiction treatment is the most preferred method to combat addictions. During their stay in rehab, they can learn new habits and skills that can replace the bad behaviours that support their addictions. Emotional support from loved ones is also very important during this challenging time. 


People recovering from addictions are often amazed when they look back and realize how much they have accomplished. The first steps in addiction treatment are difficult and scary. But it starts with seeking addiction treatments first.

 Addiction Treatment

The recovery journey is not going to be easy. It’s filled with many roadblocks and challenges. That’s why care and support from families, friends, and the community are essential. 

An addict needs to know that people are not out to get them. People are there to offer them help. While recovering individuals hold control over how they can manage their recovery, they first have to allow others to help them start the recovery process. 

There will be many times that a recovering person will stumble and fall. They feel that they can no longer get through with their addiction treatment. They may even relapse. But don’t blame them or get angry with them. Offer more love, care, and support. Make them know that you’re there for them and that you will be with them throughout their recovery journey. 

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If you think that your loved one needs help with their addiction problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Addiction Rehab Centres. We can discuss how together, we can help your family member can recover and rebuild their lives.