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Let’s be frank: addiction is likely the greatest struggle you’ll ever face. Getting sober is about more than just making a decision to quit using. You’ll have to continue to make sober decisions every day for the rest of your life. Toronto Addiction Centre can show you a path to sobriety, while equipping you with the skills you need to maintain that sobriety for the rest of your happy, fulfilled, drug and alcohol-free life.

World-Class Treatment Team

No one wants to be stigmatized or treated like just another paycheck when they enter treatment for addiction. Our world-class addiction team knows what it’s like to take those first tentative steps toward recovery.  Draw upon the wisdom of our team, who can reassure you that recovery really is possible. Their years of experience and training make them the most dedicated treatment team around.

Surprisingly Affordable Treatment

Great treatment is a wonderful thing, but it’s virtually useless if you cannot afford it! We offer surprisingly affordable programs, with rates that are competitive with those of cheaper, lower quality programs. We also have a dedicated team of financial and intake experts, who can work with you to arrive at payment options that fit your life.

Mastering Real Skills in a Real-Life Environment

Many addiction facilities treat their residents as little more than inmates, locking them away from the real world. We don’t think this works. It’s easy to be sober when everything around you is taken care of. But we want to help you master sobriety in a real-world environment. You can work while you pursue treatment with us, and our sober living environments mimic the challenges of real life in the real world, helping you master everyday sobriety skills while under the supportive care of our team.

Nurturing a Healthy Recovery Lifestyle

Addiction isn’t a compartmentalized illness. Instead, it leaves no area of your life untouched. From family conflicts to deteriorating health, addiction can turn a life you once loved into an existence you can hardly recognize anymore.

We help you adopt healthy habits that improve your emotional and physical well-being, making it easier to get and stay sober. From healthy eating to regular exercise, and from mastering relationship skills to finding new ways to cope with old stressors, we think you’ll be surprised by how far along in your journey the right lifestyle can take you.

Specialized Programs

We don’t just say our programs are holistic. “Holistic” has become little more than a marketing term or buzzword in recent years, but we really do endorse the tenets of holistic living. We’ll treat you as an integrated mind, body, and spirit, not just another addict.

A Complete Continuum of Care

As far as we’re concerned, rehab is virtually useless if it doesn’t offer you the skills you need to master sober living in the real world. We offer care in the acute, early stages of detox, but we also teach you the skills you need to maintain a happy, healthy lifetime of sobriety. Once you leave our walls, we want you to have access to first-rate outpatient addiction treatment, and we’ll help you find such treatment.

Focus on the Future

It’s great to be sober while you’re here, but it’s even more important to be sober out there in the “real world.” We plan for your discharge from the moment you check into our facility. We’ll hook connect you with resources in your community, and ensure you always have access to care that helps you maintain a lifetime of sobriety.

Full Accreditation

We are committed to the highest standards of excellence in care. We’re accredited by the Joint Commission, as well as the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

Steadfast Commitment to You

You’re so much more than an addict. You’re a unique individual with a complex array of needs, values, strengths, and struggles. We’ll help you access your strongest traits so you can fight the battle against addiction with your full force. You are our first priority, and our commitment to our clients guides everything we do.

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