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operate our centre with the respect, compassion and accountability of our clients as first priority. We do not tell you who you can talk to or who you can sit by. We hold you accountable to making good decisions and keeping healthy boundaries. We are not the best centre for people that do not want to be in treatment. We believe that we are the best treatment centre for people that do want to create positive change in their life. We are not a 12 step treatment centre and are not limited by this approach to primary treatment. We see great value in attending 12 step meetings and working the steps. We attend four 12 step meetings per week. We are a small centre with 28 beds including primary and detox programs. We offer more than any other centre, large or small. Time and time again, our clients tell us, that we are the best, that there is nothing else like us. They tell us that our staff, the beauty, our location, the land, the horses, the accommodations, the food, and our program are without peer. They tell us that as soon as they got here they knew that this was the right place for them. Our clients thank us. We thank them. Our clients are grateful to us. We are grateful to them. Here, at Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre, we can help you find what you are looking for; for that which you know that you need. We can do this with much more ease than any other centre. Why? The ranch facilitates positive change in a way that a more constricted, large or urban treatment centre simply cannot. How do we know this? We know this because we alcoholics and addicts have a void deep within us that we are trying to fill. It is a vacuum and it will be filled. Unfortunately we try to do this with alcohol, with drugs, with gambling, with sex, with food, with anything thing that allows us to “NOT BE HERE”, and to change how we feel until we cannot feel at all. Fortunately, Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre helps to fill this void and to fill it in abundance. Our environment, our program, the beauty of this ranch and its surroundings lifts your spirit, and expands your soul and allows you to be “HERE”. We know that we must be present to change and to grow. In the end we are trying to end the struggle, to gain serenity, to be at peace, with ourselves, with others, with life. It is very helpful to this end, to spend time in our healing place. Nature helps to heal and the ranch offers Natures best. *(Placing yourself in a completely different environment like Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre, is very helpful in creating the “shift” that needs to take place for you to live your life).


Substance Abuse Treatmental


Substance Abuse Treatmental


  • Holistic Therapy
  • Evidence-Based Practices
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Individual Therapy & Counseling
  • Family Therapy & Counseling
  • Group Therapy & Counseling
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Art & Nature Therapy

Holmes Rd, West Kelowna, BC V1Z, Canada


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