Holistic Treatment Approach to Addiction Recovery

At The Farm in Stouffville, we believe in taking a holistic approach to addiction recovery. We understand that addiction is a complex disease that affects individuals in different ways. Therefore, we combine state-of-the-art pharmaceuticals, dog therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and addiction suppression strategies to ensure that we meet the unique needs of each patient. Our approach is tailored to the individual, ensuring that they receive the specific type of treatment they require.

Tailored Addiction Treatment Plan

We understand that every addiction case is different. Our addiction treatment plan is tailored to suit the needs of the individual. Whether the addiction is opiate-based, alcohol-related or drug-related, we have a unique approach designed to achieve measurable results. The program is specifically balanced to cater to patients across a wide age range. Our treatment plan is made up of four elements targeting the mind, emotions, spirit & body, to help patients undo the damage caused by addiction on many levels.

Luxury and Comfort

Our luxurious facility is situated on rural land and overlooks the vast hills of Stouffville, Ontario. The Farm features modern amenities and has both indoor as well as outdoor activities to ensure that leisure time is spent in a welcoming and enriching environment. We offer ten beds within the complex in fully private rooms, enabling participants to have privacy while in treatment. Our modern furnishings and amenities are designed to make participants feel comfortable and relaxed while they focus on their recovery.

A Unique Treatment Program

Culminating from over three decades of experience and over 1000 successful recoveries, The Farm’s lead practitioner Mr. Yonah Budd has developed a unique treatment program. This program holistically amalgamates components from both scientifically proven treatments as well as spiritual techniques into a blend of holistic, medical and psychological therapy. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive approach that addresses the root cause of addiction, helping patients achieve a full recovery.

The Farm Rehab - Center Overview

The Farm Rehab provides a unique and effective approach to treating addiction. Combining decades of scientific research with spiritual methods, their holistic approach focuses on treating the whole individual, not just the addiction. With a 1:1 staff-to-patient ratio, they provide personalized treatment plans that include evidence-based practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy, addiction suppression tactics, and state-of-the-art pharmaceuticals.

Located in the picturesque town of Stouffville, just outside of the GTA, The Farm offers a serene and secluded environment for patients to focus on their treatment and recovery. With ten semi-private rooms and contemporary furnishings, patients can relax and feel at ease during their stay. The serene surroundings and tranquil atmosphere help to promote emotional and mental healing, while the comprehensive and personalized treatment plans address the root causes of addiction. The Farm Rehab is dedicated to providing the best possible care, helping patients successfully overcome their addiction and achieve lasting recovery.


• 1-on-1 Counseling

• Art Therapy

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

• Physiotherapy

• Relapse Prevention Counseling

• Yoga

Treatment Philosophy

• Holistic

• Medical

• Personalized Treatment

• Wellness

Conditions Treated

• Alcohol

• Anger

• Anxiety

• Benzodiazepines

• Chronic Relapse

• Cocaine

• Codependency

• Ecstasy (MDMA)

• Gambling

• Heroin

• LSD, psychedelics

• Marijuana (Cannabis)

• Methamphetamine

• Opioids

• Prescription Drugs

• Sex Addiction

• Synthetic Drugs


• Family Follow-up Counseling

• Follow-up Sessions (in-person)

• Recovery Coach

• Return Visits

• Support Meetings

• Support Meetings (on-site)



• Air-Conditioned Rooms

• Bathroom Essentials (towels, soap, shampoo)

• Desk

• Fitness Center

• Gardens

• Housekeeping

• Outdoor Space

• Private or Shared Rooms

• Recreation Room

• TV

• Theater

• View

• Walking Trails



• Games

• Movies

• Physical Fitness

• Shopping

Special Considerations

• Executive Program

• Young Adults Program

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Farm Rehab

At The Farm, we treat opiate-based, alcohol-related, and drug-related addiction.

Our treatment plan is tailored to suit each patient’s specific needs. It is comprised of four elements targeting the mind, emotions, spirit & body, to help patients undo the damage caused by addiction on many levels.

Our treatment program can range from 30 to 90 days, depending on the patient’s needs.

Our facility has both indoor and outdoor activities to ensure that our patients spend their leisure time in a welcoming and enriching environment.

Our lead practitioner, Mr. Yonah Budd, has over three decades of experience and has helped over 1000 individuals achieve successful recovery.

Yes, we use state-of-the-art pharmaceuticals as part of our holistic approach to addiction recovery.

Yes, our treatment program incorporates components from both scientifically proven treatments as well as spiritual techniques.

Yes, our facility overlooks the vast hills of Stouffville, Ontario, and is situated on rural land, providing a secluded and serene setting for our patients.

The Farm Rehab
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Joe ShearerJoe Shearer
17:15 30 Dec 22
Addiction Rehab Toronto changed my life for the better! I was hopeless, lost and had no confidence when I arrived there. I walked out of there feeling like my true self. They gave me the tools I need to live a peaceful life. Their staff are fantastic, they care about your recovery, and truly want you to succeed. The food was fantastic, there wasn’t a meal I didn’t like and they take any dietary restrictions you have very seriously. They have a great daily schedule to keep you involved, and there are also lots of fun activities like karaoke! I highly recommend A.R.T. to anyone who is suffering from addiction and wants to change their life.
Josh KozakJosh Kozak
18:45 11 Aug 22
Addiction Rehab Toronto hands down changed my life.From start to finish their staff guided me on a journey from self discovery through to beginning the process of recovery. From the moment I dialled their number, Wade guided me through the process of being here by walking me through every step of the program and reassuring me that this would be a safe place for me to find myself and begin to grow. I still had doubts, I was in the worst place I’ve ever been mentally, emotionally, and physically. Wade invited me to come visit the centre the next day. Taking me on a tour, he helped settle any nerves I had. Once I had committed to coming to the centre, and I began stressing out about one thing or the other I would call Wade and he would reassure me things would be okay and happily answer any of my questions.Once I arrived here I was paired with Valentino as my primary counsellor. Through our 1 on 1 sessions, daily classes, connecting with peers, and my sessions with my psychotherapist I went through a tremendous amount of self discovery, through this discovery I was able to process and grow. I owe Valentino and every member of staff here at Addiction Rehab Toronto my life. I leave here with an entirely new perspective on my life, my past, my future, and most importantly myself.If you or a loved one needs help, ART is a safe place for them to grow in a nurturing environment.
ravi mannravi mann
21:49 28 Jul 22
I was hopeless, confused and broken after years of trying to combat my alcoholism on my own and just not being able to stay sober even for couple of days I was done destroying my life and everyone around me. But I didn’t know the solution and what to do, I was clueless of the severity of my condition. When enough was enough I made a decision to get help and change my life that’s were ART came in to the picture, going into ART I was lonely, nervous, depressed and anxious. These feelings left me soon after I entered the front door with greetings from Nursing staff and counsellors, I felt welcomed and comforted, I was moved to a comfortable detox room equipped with TV and fridge (full of Gatorade and Protein shakes) right away where for next few days food was delivered and Nurses checked on me every couple of hours which helped the whole process of detoxing immensely. I am so thankful to the Nursing staff.Right after the detox with a clear mind I was able to walk around and see how I was surrounded by amazing people like me who I can relate to and bounded with right away (a sense of belonging finally I am part of something). My Primary counselor Valentino met with me and I felt an instant connection, Valentino understood my unique story, addiction and vulnerabilities and formed a plan which would make sure that during my entire stay I was getting the help I needed, and the questions I went in to rehab with were answered. Valentino I cannot thank you enough for helping me put the right foot forward in this life long journey, Hope, Faith and courage is what you gave me.Every member of the staff is so unique in there own way, and together they form an incredible team.I also thank Chef’s at the Kitchen (Leo & Ed) for amazing meals (I can go back just to eat lol!) and the cookies.Thank you ART for helping me get closer to who I really am and beginning this beautiful journey.
Emilio MacriEmilio Macri
15:15 26 Jul 22
I would like to start off by saying addiction rehab Toronto not only saved me, but also gave me a new and beautiful life.My journey began when I had a conversation with the owner who went above and beyond to get me there and afford me this life changing opportunity. For that I am forever grateful.Now to my stay at ART. Initially my stay was supposed to be 2 weeks, but I ended up graduating from the 47 day program. Having Mel as my primary Counsellor helped me uncover some truths about myself I wasn’t even aware of.From the moment I walked in, I immediately felt this sense of security and could tell right away Addiction Rehab Toronto is a family.From the counsellors, therapists, nurses, cleaners and cooks, they were truly one of a kind and made this experience better then any facility I had ever been to.The care we received on a daily basis was second to none and I was made to feel safe and loved which allowed my healing process to begin. I truly believe it’s the staff that make a treatment centre great and it was Issy, Donovan, Lee and Val whose guidance and support had a profound impact on me.Lastly, with the support and direction of a Counsellor Alison and an office manager Kelly, I was encouraged to consider the next step of sober living. The staff here are exceptional. They are highly supportive and truly care for the clients. My primary Counsellor Jonathan has been such a blessing in my life and continues to push me, believe in me, and help me grow and strengthen my recovery. I have a new beautiful life that ART has given me.I have finally found a place like home with my second family of like minded, caring and supportive people.
Glenn SmithGlenn Smith
22:01 02 Nov 21
ART separated me from my drug of choice, one that had taken full control of me, detoxed my brain, re acquainted me with the twelve steps which connected me to a power greater than myself, gave me new tools like smart recovery, introduced me to things like counselling and psychotherapy, educated me on co-dependency, reestablished values, showed me how to set, communicate and enforce boundaries and how to properly meditate, reset me on things lost in addiction like showering, making my bed, eating right, exercising and being accountable and on time and helped facilitate friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime. There was also time for fun things like road hockey, mindful walks, pool, ping pong, karaoke, etc.Simply put, ART saved my life!I continue to take advantage of the lifetime aftercare program. I still meet with my primary counsellor and psychotherapist weekly to strengthen my recovery and give me the necessary tools to deal with everyday life. I also attend as many aftercare meetings as I can. It allows me to keep in touch with the peers I met while in rehab and gives me the opportunity to meet other ART alumni. The weekly alumni speaker meeting is a highlight of my week and help me maintain my sobriety. We are a fellowship within a fellowship.I spent Father’s day and my birthday in Addiction Rehab Toronto. It was probably the best birthday of my life and the 30 days spent there was without question 30 of the most special days of my life.Glenn S., Newcastle, Ontario

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The Farm Rehab has confirmed the accuracy of the information on this page, ensuring that the name, location, contact details, and operating license for this treatment provider are valid and current.

Addiction Rehab Centres serves as an impartial, third-party mental health resource. Verification should not be interpreted as an endorsement and does not assure the quality of the provided treatment services.

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