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More than 16 million adults—7% of the population—struggle with an addiction to alcohol. Even when researchers don't take into account the violence and accidents that alcohol so often contributes to, this seemingly innocuous drink claims nearly 30,000 lives each year. If

Seventy percent of Americans drink at least annually, and nearly 90% have consumed alcohol at least once. Alcohol is our nation's favorite drug and is so popular that many users refuse to even acknowledge that it is a drug. About

When you're trapped in a cycle of addiction, recovery can feel impossible, leading treatment to feel futile. Every year, 1.3 million Americans seek treatment for alcohol addiction, but that accounts for less than 10% of those who need treatment. If

About a quarter of adults engage in binge drinking each month, with 1.3 million Americans seeking treatment for alcohol addiction each year. This figure accounts for a mere 7.8% of all adults who need assistance managing an addiction to alcohol.