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The Fresh Start Recovery Centre is an all men drug and alcohol treatment centre. They provide a safe and secure environment in which the addicts can receive the help and support they need to go through their withdrawal. The program lasts on average 12 weeks . We offer residential treatment and Out-patient which includes counselling, on a one-on-one basis and a group basis. In order for the addicts to participate in the long-term rehab program, they have to show abstinence. In addition to the 50-bed primary treatment centre, Fresh Start currently has three second stage houses that are home to 24 men needing affordable, supported housing to successfully continue their journey of long term recovery and integrate back into community. Two of these homes were built in the 1970’s and the original roof needs to be replaced in order to to continue to provide a warm, dry, comfortable home. Everyday Fresh Start works with people to give them the tools they need to break free from. As our participants go through their lifelong journey of active recovery, each one regains trust and independence and in doing so rebuilds relationships with family, employers and friends and returns to community as an active, engaged, contributing member of society. At Fresh Start we recognize addictions as a chronic disease and our program is designed to eliminate the bad habits associated with drinking and drug use and model good habits consistent with healthy lifestyles. This view of addiction is gaining acceptance in mainstream Canadian medicine, after many years of being viewed by many as a moral deficiency. HOW WE DO IT: Fresh Start is an abstinence based men’s alcohol and drug addiction treatment centre grounded on a proven 12 step model of recovery with a formal program that typically lasts between 9 to 16 weeks. Fresh Start recognizes, respects and works with each individual and their unique set of circumstances to create and manage a recovery plan that increases their odds of succeeding. Personal responsibility, accountability and honesty are the cornerstones of the program and people tend to live up to our expectations of them and – more importantly – their expectations of themselves. Throughout the program, participants are equipped with additional life skills and tools that help them to model and continue to lead a healthy lifestyle once they have completed their program. These skills include a better understanding of the importance of nutrition, exercise, meditation, career search skills, cultural sensitivity and a number of other practical skills in their recovery process. The duration of the program is as important as the program’s content as it has proven to provide participants sufficient time to model and adopt new behaviours while decreasing the danger of them reverting to their old, familiar, destructive behaviours. Our program is longer than many other treatment programs that are characteristically prone to the “Spin Dry” effect – living drug and/or alcohol free for a shorter time period with increased risk of relapse shortly after the program ends. With limited space in our residential program and a wait list running 30 to 90 days, we offer a day Program for people who have safe, affordable housing to return to each night. OUR TRACK RECORD: • Fresh Start has an 85% completion rate and a long-term success rate that is 4.6 times the sector average of 10% (from all treatment centres). • The staff at Fresh Start collectively has more than 250 years of firsthand active recovery experience. • We know addictions, we know what’s involved in successful recovery, we take our job of helping others recover every day very seriously and we are effective, efficient and successful!


  • 12 Step Programs
  • Substance Abuse Treatmental
  • Residential Drug Rehab
  • Outpatient Drug Rehab


  • 12 Step Programs
  • Substance Abuse Treatmental
  • Residential Drug Rehab
  • Outpatient Drug Rehab


  • Holistic Therapy
  • Evidence-Based Practices
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Individual Therapy & Counseling
  • Family Therapy & Counseling
  • Group Therapy & Counseling
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Art & Nature Therapy

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