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In the popular imagination, drug addicts buy their drugs from corner drug dealers, in a dirty and dangerous environment. They break the law, spiral out of control, and may even get arrested. But life doesn't always match our preconceived notions. Prescription

In 2013, drugs killed nearly 50,000 people. Alcohol, the most deadly drug of all, claims almost 100,000 lives every year, with various addictions collectively costing the U.S. economy approximately $700 billion annually. Drug addiction might feel like a personal problem,

Millions of Ontarians are enslaved to drug and alcohol abuse. If you're worried you might be an addict, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by feelings of helplessness and guilt. The good news is that the addiction is not your fault.

Though teen drug abuse has decreased somewhat over the last two decades, there's evidence that it's steadily ticking back up. If your teenager abuses drugs—or you're worried that your own drug abuse has escalated out of control—help is available. Drug abuse