The journey to recovery is challenging enough, without having to worry about where you’ll be staying, how you’ll be treated, and whether you’ll be comfortable. We believe that addiction is a lifestyle disease, which means that supporting you in establishing a healthy lifestyle is vital as a way to support you on your journey to recovery. We offer comfortable, relaxing housing that can make your recovery journey just a bit easier.

About Our Residences

We want to take the work and stress out of recovery, and we believe that when treatment is accessible, patients are more likely to follow through ands tick with it. All of our residences are located just moments away from the treatment facility, nestled in a safe, warm, welcoming community chock full of activities and amenities. Each housing community offers:

  • A drug and alcohol-free living environment
  • 24/7 support and supervision from staff; we’re here when you need us, no matter when you need us
  • Private volleyball courts
  • A swimming pool
  • A gym stocked with cutting-edge workout equipment
  • A beautiful, serene location with lovely surroundings

Your Safety Comes First

For many addicts, a history of trauma or abuse figure prominently in the desire to use alcohol or drugs. We prioritize your safety and comfort above all else, because we know you can’t recover if you’re constantly wracked with anxiety. We offer a gated community that keeps you safe and protects your privacy. No one has to know you’re staying with us, and we have staff available 24/7 in case you need any additional help. No matter when temptation rears its ugly head, we’re here to help you weather the storm.

A Private, Comfortable Place to Recover

Addiction can leave your life looking like unfamiliar territory you never again want to visit. We believe that, by showing you recovery can be comfortable, we give you a powerful incentive to stick with your recovery goals. We offer comfortable apartments that remind you just how good a sober life can be. Each of our apartments features:

  • Comfortable beds and furniture.
  • By request, private rooms; we know not everyone is comfortable living with a roommate.
  • Flat screen televisions featuring cable with numerous channels.
  • Free washers and driers.
  • Microwaves and stoves.

Your comfort and safety are our first priorities as you take your first tentative steps toward sobriety. Come rest in our luxurious living facilities, then dedicate yourself to full sobriety. We think you may even be hesitant to leave when it’s time to check out!