Overcoming Treatment Myths

Overcoming Treatment Myths

We have found that many people fail to seek help and treatment for a drug addiction because they believe the many myths that are out there. At Addiction Rehab Ottawa, we want to ensure you don’t believe these myths and that you fully understand the impact of drug abuse in your life, as well as the life of those you live.

Myth: Being addicted to drugs is a voluntary behavior.

Many people begin a pattern of drug abuse as the occasional user. This is a voluntary decision. However, as more and more time passes, there is something else that happens and the individual goes from a voluntary user of drugs to a compulsive user. This is because the drugs begin to change the person’s brain – in toxic ways in some cases. As a result, the person suffers a compulsive and uncontrollable urge to use the drugs.

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Myth: Being addicted to drugs is a flaw in someone’s character.

Addiction to drugs affects the brain. Each drug has its own process of changing the way a person’s brain works. Regardless of what drug a person has become addicted to, the effects are similar – they change the cells and molecules that are in the brain, leading to changes in memory processes, mood changes, and even the way a person walks and talks. These changes impact all aspects of the individual’s behavior and the drug becomes the most powerful source of motivation in a person’s existence. They will do virtually anything to get more of the drug.

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Myth: An addict has to want drug treatment if they want it to be effective.

No one every wants to have to undergo drug treatment. The main reasons they get it to begin with is because loved ones urge them to, or the court has ordered them to. Some studies have even shown that those who are under pressure to enter drug treatment programs actually do better and find it easier to stay away from the substance after treatment than those who go in willingly on their own accord.

As you can see, there are a number of myths associated with drug use and treatment. At Addiction Rehab Ottawa, we are ready to help you recover from the drug addiction you suffer.

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