Addiction is a disease. And just like other diseases, its course is somewhat unpredictable. No one can guarantee that you’ll recover and never relapse. Indeed, relapse rates for addiction hover between 40% and 60%. We know that the specter of relapse can be a major disincentive to pursuing recovery, especially if you’re concerned that your hard-earned money will only be wasted on a recovery that fails.

For this reason, we offer a limited guarantee to each and every one of our clients, provided you meet the following conditions:

  1. You take reasonable steps to follow our recovery plan.
  2. You remain at our facility for the full duration of your recovery.
  3. You were not asked to leave our facility due to disruptive or dangerous behavior.

If you suffer a relapse, we can help you combat your rediscovered addiction. Please note that this guarantee does not constitute a binding contract.

Terms and conditions apply, and will be further outlined in your contract when you check into our facility.