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Detox Center In Ottawa

An addiction to alcohol or drugs occurs when a person becomes psychologically and physically dependent on a substance. In most cases, it is a gradual process. As the frequency and amount used increases as time passes, the dependence and tolerance a person has increases, as well. At some point in time, the body gets so accustomed to the alcohol or drugs, it begins to behave as if these are substances that are necessary for survival.

If the body is deprived of something it needs (or has been taught to need) it begins to send signals to the user to let them know they are essentially “running low.” For example, if you don’t have enough water in your body, you become thirsty. If you don’t have enough food in your body, you become hungry. For those who have alcohol or drug abuse problems, they may suffer extremely unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. These are the result of your body being deprived of the substance that it has become accustomed to and that it thinks it needs.

In some situations, the withdrawal symptoms are both uncomfortable and inconvenient, but mostly harmless. However, in other cases, the withdrawal process is both life-threatening and terrifying. A professional detox center is the ideal place for anyone with an addiction to go and experience detox. This helps them remain safe and reduces the potential for relapse.

Signs of Withdrawal and Detox

Detox occurs based on the person and the substance they are taking. The severity of the detox process is more intense than it is for others and the severity is often dependent on the user’s state of mental and physical health, as well as how often the drug is used and the number of substances that the person is addicted to. The duration of the actual detox process also varies, but generally it lasts for three to seven days.

Even though the specific symptoms of withdrawal vary based on what the substance is, some of the general symptoms include:

  • Uncontrollable tremors or shaking
  • Diarrhea, nausea, and omitting
  • An immune system that is compromised
  • Verbal or physical aggression
  • Nightmares and insomnia
  • Erratic behavior and mood swings
  • Anxiety, depression, panic
  • Muscle spasms and aches

Detox Center in Ottawa

At Addiction Rehab Ottawa, our patients are under constant supervision and professional care. This ensures they have the highest likelihood of a successful treatment. We also offer aftercare services to help ensure you don’t suffer a relapse.

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