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Every year, millions of people—about 25 million, to be exact—struggle with addiction to drugs. But according to the National Institute on Drug Addiction, only about 10% seek the help they need. Drug addiction is a mysterious phenomenon, shrouded in mystery,

More than 16 million adults—7% of the population—struggle with an addiction to alcohol. Even when researchers don't take into account the violence and accidents that alcohol so often contributes to, this seemingly innocuous drink claims nearly 30,000 lives each year. If

When most people think of a gateway drug, they envision a teenage marijuana smoker who eventually graduates to “harder” drugs. But marijuana's status as a gateway drug remains controversial, with many experts arguing that casual marijuana use does not increase

In the popular imagination, drug addicts buy their drugs from corner drug dealers, in a dirty and dangerous environment. They break the law, spiral out of control, and may even get arrested. But life doesn't always match our preconceived notions. Prescription

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